Dessert Data
A love for ingesting data

Connected Apps

Connect your data sources and destinations to Dessert Data.

🔌 Data Sources

Google Ads (new)

Enter your Google Ads Customer ID, and your Manager (MCC) ID, then authorize the connection ()

Required if you have multiple accounts under a manager account (MCC)

Name and save the Customer Account IDs you want synced. Records from this source will have a "source" parameter equal to the name.

3. Connect your Google Ads account

Facebook Ads (new)

Locate your Facebook Ad Account ID on the Facebook ads manager dashboard URL ()

2. Connect to Facebook


1. Locate your Customer ID and Account ID are found in the Bing Ads dashboard URL ()
2. Connect Bing

🌐 Data Destinations


1. Map your Google Cloud Project ID and Dataset ID ()
2. Connect BigQuery