Dessert Data
A love for ingesting data

Understanding Your Ads Performance Data

Dessert Data connects and organizes all of your advertising data so you can experiment across marketing channels without all the effort.

Built in reporting dashboards for comparing important metrics across channels, or plug in your favorite BI tool for even more customization.


Your Data Served How You Want

Dessert Data automatically ingests your ads data into a neatly organized database.

Plug in your favorite BI tool without worrying about differences between ad platforms.

Ever need your daily spend in Google + Bing?

SELECT date, SUM(spend) 
FROM   campaign_daily_summary
WHERE  account_type 
   IN ('google', 'bing')

... campaign revenue in January across all advertisers?

SELECT   campaign_id, SUM(revenue)
FROM     campaign_daily_summary
WHERE    date 
  BETWEEN '2023-01-01' 
  AND     '2023-01-31'

Unified Reports

Compare performance across channels with built in reports.

White Glove Service

We provide dedicated technical support to help you with anything you need to get connected to your data.

At no additional cost!

How does it work?

After connecting your digital ads accounts, your data is synced into a MySQL database that can be connected to your favorite BI suite.

Your data is stored in its original format, and also organized into an easy to query datamart.

Which BI tools can I connect?

Just about every BI tool supports SQL data source. If you're unsure, we'll get it connected for you.

Is there a FREE tier?

Absolutely! On-Demand syncs are always free. No credit card required!